What is Urbaniflix?
  • Urbaniflix is my own streaming network that will be available on all platforms from TV, Roku, Playstaion, Xbox, etc. just like all your other favorite streaming platforms (Hulu, Netflix, Prime, etc.) where you can see all my films, series, from D-HIGH, TEEN-HIGH and more...
Will Urbaniflix cost?
  • Yes. Urbaniflix will have somewhat of a free trial on Facebook where you'll be able to see some content but no a free trial will not be available for the actual streaming service at the time (that could change but at the time no)
Will Urbaniflix have a free trial?
  • Yes. Urbaniflix will require a monthly fee. A cost well worth the value of content you'll receive. 
When will Urbaniflix launch?
  • There's no launch date for Urbaniflix announced at the moment but stay tuned...