All the talent, fame, money success could never stop my grievance
You fought with every tear, every prayer, every heart beat, but still could not defeat it
I still can not believe it, the nightmare has come to life
My mom, my protector, my defender, my mentor is no longer physically in sight

The sound of your voice is like miles away I try to keep sharp in my head
Afraid the pain might make me flip so I fight to avoid it instead
We was like one and two, like A and B, it was hard to separate us
You probably cry to see me like I cry to see you but life and death won't let us

Your grandbaby is so beautiful, the one you wished to see
And she's the glue that keep us close cuz she's apart of you and me
Laila Terilynn Cross, that credit belongs to her mom
I just wish you could see each other but in reality there's no magic wand

The night I watched you go was unreal cuz I knew you would re awake
My mind feel like it's crazy cuz I still believe you'll be back one day
All the dreams that forever tease me, leads to tears that forever leave me
Still thinking it's something I can do, still stuck in make-believing

It's like the emotions in saying mom is disappearing like talking to a wall
I know you want me to still keep my head up, but sometimes I just don't care at all
Even self-gifted, I still death wish it but realize it's really a bluff
I love my life, I love my talents, but it'll never be good enough

Fatherhood got me thinking differently, but it hurts to know what my daughter is missing
All the love I know you would of given her would exceeded any materialistic
We didn't have all the money in the world but the love was irreplaceable
Our memories are super-glued tight in my head and never will be erase-able

"I just want to say I love you Mom, you fought hard and I am proud to represent you for the rest of my life as your one and lonely. RIP MOM, you've earned it."


March 12, 1959 - January 18, 2011
"You truly earned your 
ribbon mom. Love you"